Knitting Contrissmas: Day 21: The DIY GIRLS!

Day 21 of Knitting Contrissmas and we’re here with Kim and Kris from DIY Dish! Creative Cross Training indeed! ENJOY!

The GIVEAWAY from Kim and Kris is fantastic!  Kris is giving a lucky winner a $25 gift certificate to “My Girlfriend’s Quilt Shoppe” and Kim is going to make a winner happy with a $25 dollar gift certificate to “You Can Make This“!   Woot!  Two winners drawn!  Comment here and the winners will be chosen by random generator on December 27th! Good luck!

KC: Welcome to Knitting Contrissmas Kim and Kris!!! I’m super excited to have you be part of the festivities as I’ve been a fan for a long time! You girls are nutty busy these days, holy cow! From appearing on Rachel Ray and Nate Berkus to your web show on My Craft Channel along with your ‘normal’ routine of your weekly Craft and Web Show on your website for DIY Dish, add in,,  and you weren’t busy enough so you thought you’d open a quilt shop? PLEASE!!!! I’m really delighted you’re here!

 KC: FOUR SEASONS of DIY Dish! Out of all of the wonderful ideas, projects and inspiration you have brought to your viewers, do you have a favorite? What is the favorite of your loyal fans?

DIY: First of all, thank you Tina for inviting us to be a part of your Knitting Contrissmas! This is very fun for us and we appreciate your kindness.  A favorite project of our fans we think has to be the first episode of each season. We have made it a “tradition” to start the first show of each season with a new pin cushion project. (You can never have enough!) It’s fun to add something new to your collection – they not only can be functional, but they are a great way to “decorate” your craft or sewing space, as well – whether that be a special room, or even the dining room table – it is fun to create a space for you. We’ve also found that many have taken these pin cushion projects and made a whole bundle of them to give as gifts. We love that! Our favorite pin cushion project has probably been The DIY Dish Dress Form/Mannequin Pin Cushion that we did this season.

KC: You’ve been featured in a lot of great magazines, is it still a thrill to get the call that they’d like to put you in their pages?

DIY: Oh, definitely.  It still seems strange to walk down a store aisle and see that – and it’s just as much of a thrill today as it was when it first happened. We are grateful to those editors who take a chance on us.


KC: For those who don’t know you (gasp), how long have you been pursuing the life of creative entrepreneurs?

DIY: You’re so funny Tina. Let’s see…we guess you could say it “officially” became a pursuit of entrepreneurship back in 2006. I (Kim) started the website, I had been designing (and still design) under the name of Kimberbell, but we took that to a whole new level when we brought on women from all over the world who had different expertise in areas such as sewing, crafts, quilting, crochet, and more. Two years later, we started and Kris managed that website. Through a series of events, Kris and I started “The DIY Dish” show which showcases sewing, quilting, and craft projects each Monday.  This past June, Kris and her husband opened up the shop “My Girlfriend’s Quilt Shoppe”. ( and it has all been a wonderful experience. We’ve had some great opportunities, have met amazing people, and we love being a part of people’s creative endeavors, even in some small way.


KC: Is it as wonderful as you dreamed?

DIY: It has been an amazing experience, to say the least. It has been more work than we would have ever imagined, but at the same time, when you are doing something you love – and that you believe in – then it makes all the hard work very worth it.

KC: What little pitfalls were unexpected on your journey?

DIY: We think the hardest part of this journey is probably something that any person – especially moms – has to deal with. And that is the constant juggling of responsibilities and trying to find “balance.” We are definitely not perfect at “balancing it all” with home, business, children, etc., but we are learning. Each new day is a new beginning and we try to remember that when we have felt like we have failed in the “juggling life” department.


KC: You know my primary love is knitting while I “cross train” with other crafts. Are you knitters?

DIY: We wish! Maybe you could teach us? :)  Knitting is something we would both love to learn. We do know how to so some basic crochet, but after seeing all the amazing knitting patterns out there, it is something we definitely want to learn! One of these days…one of these days… :)

KC: ABSOLUTELY! You need to learn, now what shall we choose to learn on? You know I believe that a first knitting project should be fun, and something you really want. Not necessarily a miles long, endlessly boring scarf that beats you before you get going! Nothing would give me greater pleasure Kim and Kris!!! Let’s Do It!

KC: If you have a bit of time just for yourselves, what creative endeavors are you most likely to pursue?

DIY: While we both enjoy machine embroidery, we love to relax and create with hand-embroidery. It’s such a nice way to unwind and make something beautiful. (Again, why we’d like to learn to knit!)  We also both enjoy quilting and with Kris’ new quilt shop, she is doing a lot more of that lately! 


KC: 2011 was a really fabulous year for you ladies, what’s coming up in 2012 for you both?

DIY: Oooh…it’s going to be interesting to see what happens in 2012. We have a lot of plans, but unfortunately none that we can divulge quite yet. Kim also hopes to expand her Kimberbell line of patterns into shops across the country. These are patterns for quilting, home décor, and children.

 KC: Do you follow creative blogs as part of your day?

DIY: We used to a lot more than we have time for now, but we love seeing what people are making – it’s a wonderful community! Facebook is one way that we can follow what people are making and it’s so fun to see all of the creative people out there!

KC: What words do you have for your many fans in the world of all things creative?

DIY: You are too kind, Tina. For those who have been a part of our journey, we can’t say thank you enough. Thank you for the overwhelming support. Thank you for sharing with us your creations. Thank you for the kind emails letting us know how “creativity” or “learning something new” has affected your life. Thank you for telling your friends and family about us. We couldn’t do what we do without this kind of support. Although that may sound cliché, it is true and we are grateful.

KC: Thanks so much Kim & Kris—— it was wonderful and you know we’ll all stay tuned for more wonderful ideas and whatever it is the two of you will bring us!

Remember the DIY GIVEAWAY: Kris is giving a lucky winner a $25 gift certificate to “My Girlfriend’s Quilt Shoppe” and Kim is going to make a winner happy with a $25 dollar gift certificate to “You Can Make This“!   Woot!  Two winners drawn!  Comment here and the winners will be chosen by random generator on December 27th! Good luck!

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  1. Posted December 21, 2011 at 6:27 AM by Francis Berryhill | Permalink

    Those dress form pincushions are too cute! I hope I can find out how to make one.

  2. Posted December 21, 2011 at 7:38 AM by Carol | Permalink

    Can’t wait to make the pillowcase! Thanks!

  3. Posted December 21, 2011 at 8:44 AM by Savannagal | Permalink

    What a cute website, though it seems that most of the items are for children. I’ll have to look more thoroughly. Maybe there are links for adult or women’s items. Thanks for the post.

  4. Posted December 21, 2011 at 11:47 AM by Sheila | Permalink

    ooh, there’s some nice fabric at My Girlfriend’s Quilt Shoppe!

  5. Posted December 21, 2011 at 12:28 PM by Chris | Permalink

    Wow, I am finding out about all these cool ladies from your knitting contrissmas-thanks SO much Tina !

  6. Posted December 23, 2011 at 10:16 AM by Jenn | Permalink

    Tina, thanks so much for posting all of these interviews. Great finds for us crafty gals. :)

  7. Posted December 23, 2011 at 5:34 PM by Debbie C. | Permalink

    Love the Shoppe! Thanks for the nice giveaway!

  8. Posted December 23, 2011 at 10:36 PM by Diana | Permalink

    Big fan of the DIYGirls….they are amazing and do such fun projects!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

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