Knitting Contrissmas: Day 24: Marly Bird

Day 24 of Knitting Contrissmas, almost finished with one day to go! Hope you’ve enjoyed meeting so many crazy talented people! {That’s crazy talented not crazy AND talented. :) )

Today we feature Marly Bird, knitter, crocheter, teacher, designer, author, podcaster and creative director for Bisou Basin Ranch—- wow! You’ll enjoy spending some time with this busy woman for sure!

Marly is offering a very special gift for Knitting Contrissmas: a discount on her patterns (click here for the Ravelry link) to all who read this.  From December 19th, 2011 to January 3, 2012 use the code “Contrissmas” in the checkout and get 25% off purchase!

KC: Thanks so much Marly for taking the time to hang out with us a little bit! It’s December 19th and we’re all beyond crazy busy. YOU are always crazy busy though!!! As host of the Yarn Thing Podcast (that I’ve loved for a long time now), as a fabulous Craftsy instructor of Curvy Crochet and Curvy Knits as well as a crochet and knitwear designer. Holy Cow, how do you do it all?  That’s my first question for you—- what tips do you have to stretch personal time to be creative?

MB: I have a knitting or crochet project with me everywhere I go. A stitch here and there begin to add up.

KC: I love Craftsy and have personally taken and enjoyed your Curvy Crochet class. How did you get involved with the Craftsy Community?

MB: I was introduced to the wonderful group at by the remarkable Stefanie Japel. She recommended me to them.

KC: Is it truly like picking a favorite child to choose whether you like knitting or crochet better?

MB: I like both equally but there will always be a soft place in my heart for crochet as my grandma taught me how to do it first and that is the craft that started me on this journey.


Amimono Kimono

KC: What comes first the yarn or the pattern?

MB: For me, it is the pattern.  There are some instances when I design around the yarn, especially if the yarn is something special, but more often than not I do a sketch and pattern first.  Plus, when I design for a magazine or book I submit sketches and suggest yarn but the publisher chooses the final yarn and I don’t have a choice in the matter.  However, if I am designing for my own pattern line I get to make all the decisions!


Goldenrod Cardigan

KC: We’ve heard how inspiration takes on different forms to different creative personalities. What does the process of inspiration look like for you?

MB: That is one of the hardest questions as I get inspiration from everywhere.  I try to design things that I like so when I see a pattern stitch or shape or color combination that I find interesting I write it down so I can apply it to a sketch later.



KC: The past year had a lot of changes for the knit and crochet community. What do you think made the biggest impact in 2011 and what do you see on the horizon for 2012?

MB: Wow, I think the biggest impact in 2011 is the expansion of digital magazine subscriptions and digital books.  With the publishing industry struggling, I think the more these knitting and crochet publishers can use the digital media the better.  I know I love my e-reader and tablet.  On the horizon for 2012, I don’t know…but I for one am excited to see!

Marly Socks

KC: Are you making handmade gifts this year? Or should I say, hey, it’s almost Christmas, are you still working on anything???

MB: HA! I haven’t been able to make handmade gifts for years!  Deadlines loom and there just is no time for extra-curricular (that is what I call it) knitting or crochet. Trust me, my family is sad that they no longer get hand-knit socks.  Every year they used to call me in October to “place their sock order” for Christmas!

 *Note from KC: I decided long ago that NOBODY gets handknit socks. Nobody. I’m mean that way. :)

KC: Do you read a lot of blogs in the creative community?

MB: I have my favorites, including yours.  I am also really involved in the social media (ravelry, twitter and facebook).

Gradient Serendipity Shawl

KC: The past year has been a big one for you, what is coming in 2012? Please share with us some of your upcoming news!

MB: The podcast is really hopping.  I have great guests lined up for 2012 and as always there are GREAT giveaways!  I am also teaching at most of the STITCHES events across the country which I just LOVE!

MB: Oh…I am working on another booklet with Leisure Arts.  It is due the middle of February but I don’t have a release date yet.  When I do I will let you know.


Ribbed Waist Tunic

MB: There are also several exciting things with Bijou Basin Ranch  I am working on with them and other designers.  And of course…all of which are top secret!  :)

KC: What words do you have for your many fans in the world of all things YARN? For those knitters and crocheters who follow you (and are about to)?

MB: The #1 thing I tell my classes is don’t get too frustrated with your knitting or crochet.  It is just sticks/hook and string.  If you have to rip out you get to enjoy your yarn that much more.


Valle di Susa Cabled Wrap

Marly’s SPECIAL GIFT  (HEY, everybody wins!!!) just for Knitting Contrissmas readers: A discount on my patterns (Ravelry Link) to all who read this.  From December 19th, 2011 to January 3, 2012 use the code “Contrissmas” in the checkout and get 25% off purchase! 

Thanks so much Marly——– we look forward to more great things from you in 2012!

You can learn more about Marly at and




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    Love your patterns! Keep them coming and thanks!

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    Merry Christmas Tina, hope you have a wonderful Holiday.

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