Gray & Pomegranate

Focus has been lacking I’ll just say that right up front.

Lace brain hasn’t been working when 3 new websites have to be spun for clients and at the end of it all there is little left.

I got ready to knit a very simple beaded eyeglass lanyard but bought the wrong sized seed beads and it ended up looking like the dog’s breakfast. Scratch.

So I purchased yarn for Lorna Suzanne, finally. LOVE the sweater. The yarn color had been bugging me and bugging me. I went from the Honey color that initially charmed me to blue, and I don’t need a blue sweater. Switching to green left me hanging. Back to honey. Really? Trust me, I had a color card!!!  And I ended up with POMEGRANATE! Thanks Quince & Co., it’s smashing!

Pomegranate you say?

I loved orange but didn’t want something so, well orange. And I love red but didn’t want something that shouted RED! So using my Quince & Co color card and feeling rosy I decided on Pomegranate and crossed my fingers until it arrived.

Verdict? Perfect! It reminds me of an old fingernail polish that was my favorite for years, Sandlewood Beige. The color was not sandlewood or beige but I digress.  I’ll be swatching.

My hair is gray or as I prefer to call is NATURAL. I’ve been gray since 22 and for the last 3 years (after going through the trailer trash stage) have been natural and LOVE IT!  Color is a bigger deal and I do have to think long and hard about what colors work and which ones don’t. Yellow is not a happenin’ thing nor are many pastels. But Pomegranate? Dang fine.

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  1. Posted January 13, 2012 at 8:39 AM by Natalie | Permalink

    Mmm, I love working with Lark. If only I didn’t already have so much yarn I wouldn’t feel guilty about ordering a pile of Quince.

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