Car Sock and a Long Driveway

I always used to say that really, when the work wound down I wanted to live in a place away from the hubbub with a long driveway, one that UPS delivered to.  I’ve amended that to say maybe a little more hubbub would be okay if it came along with temperate weather and a beach! I would like my driveway to be shorter and made of crushed seashells. UPS is a deal breaker of course but certainly no problem.

Day one vacay brought a walk along the pier with the dogs, a long bike ride, lunch outside at a little cafe, a couple hours at the beach and dinner at my favorite pizza joint in the USA. Perfect.

Arriving gave me a few more hours of car knitting, the watermelon sock marches on:

Vacation is great, I don’t want it to ever end! On the horizon, more goofing (a little bit of work after all) and not as much knitting as when on the road. All things considered, perfectly okay!

Spring has sprung here, I’d forgotten that the azaleas would be blooming, the wisteria getting ready, and the dogwoods are about ready to pop along with the redbuds. So gorgeous!

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