Dyeing Redux

Dyeing the coral fabric for the table runners was fun and successful, I talked about it HERE.

It was so much fun I’m really thinking of dyeing some yarn for a family of Christmas Mittens. Dyeing yarn is another step on the road to home dyeing, and much more complicated due to the nature of the medium being processed.

The process began with the endless swatching, which I must say unless you’re using a single note color right out of the bottle/package is absolutely essential. And after dyeing in very hot water and cooler water, I vote for the hot bath hands down!

I can’t speak enough about the use of stainless steel utensils and supplies unless you’re willing to toss everything out after your project. Even my hands were stained coral for a few days and my manicure did not protect against nails that were also colored.

The drying was also a very important step. The fabric was carefully wrung out until it ran clear (sounds like cooking chicken, minus the wringing) and my method to dry was to spread the pieces on the lawn for a sunbath. I had experimented with tossing them right into the dryer but going with the sun was so much more fun! I’d use the dryer if it was raining or I didn’t have a yard available—- but take the pieces out when they’re just a little tiny bit damp.  I removed the coral lawn laundry when it was just barely damp as well so the sun didn’t cause fading, and then they finished drying in the dining room over chairs.

The color was (and is) fabulous! My final step was to iron the pieces with a hot iron. It makes me feel as if I’ve done everything possible to give a good set to the coral runners.

Miscellaneous notes from the dye pot were:

  • that I preferred the liquid dye over the powder
  • I loved the website at Rit Dye for great dye recipes and techniques
  • Mail ordered dye from Rit arrived super fast and packaged well (while Rit is available locally, not all colors are easy to find)

Dye on! I can’t wait to hear what you come up with!

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  1. Posted May 9, 2012 at 7:50 PM by Leanne | Permalink

    Ooooooo . . . I think I want to dye something!!! OOoooooooo . . . you may have sparked something in me!!!

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