Dining Area— still lemony

I told myself I wasn’t going to decorate for Christmas…… but I got down a couple of things and before I knew it two days had gone by and the house was in full holiday dec. Okay, maybe not FULL… I’d say 3/4!!! I did not move my big white Christmas tree, it was half lit after last season and looking really sad…. so the tree this year is a 4 footer sitting on a table that will soon be painted. Well, I guess it will be painted after the tree goes away!

Paint wise, the stairwell and hallway upstairs will be Sherwin Williams Lemon Chiffon like much of the main floor. I’m really loving the color, if a yellow can be neutral well this one is! I’ll wait until the end of next week to give it the final blast and then all that will remain is the trim. Remember, we moved in after messy guys so the trim badly needs a fresh coat of white semi-gloss. The areas I’ve already given a topcoat of white look so fantastic. There is after all only one of me on the painting crew so as much as I’d like it all to get done, there is just so much I can do and still get anything else done.

The dining room is below. The antique pressed back chairs that I painted blue a couple of years ago are now asking me if they’d like to move into another colorway (green maybe) like the fabric on the barstools and valances…. or if the blue color is a nice pop.  I have no idea, it’s a work and decision in progress.

The walls look beigey’er than they are……… they are truly a very soft lemon chiffon!

The off and on project the past few days has been to paint a chalkboard out in the studio. Two coats of chalkboard paint from Lowe’s, roughly squared off freehand. It’s dried and now I’m painting a swirly funky frame around it in pink and green. Then the obligatory skim coat of chalk to season and it’ll be ready to go!

On the knitting front, I actually picked up my needles and am working on a new pair of fingerless mitts. Very plain, knit in the round on dpn’s they show off the gorgeous yarn. The second mitt is about halfway done and almost ready to replenish the begging face that said “I lost one”!  The yarn is a super soft acrylic, James C. Brett Marble Chunky. The colorway moves from green into wine tones. So far they’re looking good, knit with a bit of a longer wrist and enough cuff to turn under once if the mood of the wearer strikes. The length is my personal favorite, long enough for the pinky to just peep out!

Thankfully because the holidays have snuck up on me so fast I have a few things in the “gift drawer” that will require some finishing so I can wrap and send them out the door.


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