Studio in Progress

The last box was unpacked yesterday– okay I did find one this afternoon in the office but that really doesn’t count.

The enormous, sunny, fantastic space on the back of the house that will be home to my studio is almost complete. You know a creative space is never done, never finished, always in flux. Which is totally okay. I was kind of shocked to see that the layout was different as I’d found new homes for a lot of books and magazines before the move. Also fine, things change right?

Room for both cutting tables up, one higher and one lower

See the fabric for the project on the back table?

And the seatless bar stool on the front table?

Paint colors continue to be changing as well. Upon arrival I didn’t know which colors I wanted. At first glance I thought I wanted to go blue and swatched Sherwin Williams Salt Glaze (from a very old fan deck). Nope. Not the one. I like the color, I really do but it was just a tiddle too cyan for me.

Back to the drawing board.

Enter the new fabric that was purchased to cover the two bar stools. Enter inspiration.

I’m swatching Sherwin Williams Lemon Chiffon. Pale yellow but not without character. It looks a little green tinted in early evening light. Time will tell, I’m bound and determined not to rush.

Bar stools are ready to be recovered….. sassy valances are ready to be stitched. Rods have been purchased for the studio windows (SEVEN at 72 inches, thank heavens for a great sale at Joann’s). But what to do there? I’m considering covering only the bottom half of the windows and in nothing too heavy to block light. First thought? Burlap……. second thought? Gingham. Couldn’t be more different. Again, we’ll see how this evolves.

Someone mentioned to me that it’s almost Thanksgiving and that Christmas is right around the corner. I’ve been moving for what seems like light years and yesterday I walked on the beach. Surely this can’t be true.

Can it?






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