New Year—- Giveaway coming up soon!

Hope your New Years Celebration was wonderful along with your holidays. Most people I know are trying really hard to get back into the swing of things!

Christmas around here was very low key, almost too quiet. With the sweet boy dog still very ill I just wasn’t in the mood for it all so I had the tree and decorations down on the 26th! It was very nice to ring in the New Year in a clean and organized space!

On Christmas Day, New Years Day and a day in the middle there somewhere I was able to have a nice long bike ride on the beach. Bliss I tell you, absolute bliss! We had the warmest temperatures in the nation yesterday, that doesn’t happen every day (or almost ever) but I have to tell you it was pretty great!

Coming up here at Knitting Contessa in the very near future:

a furniture makeover from the sewing machine cabinet I had in college (not old enough to be vintage glam!)

a pattern giveaway from KC and Amy Barickman!

Some knitting on the needles—

and finishing a quilt project that was a discovery when I moved! Woo Hoo!

Hope so far your 2013 is wonderful!

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