Laundry Cheer & Then Some!

So, the laundry room.  Or laundry closet, I just don’t call it that instead I like to think of it as part of the open concept space whereby one can (presumably) do laundry while being part of the action. Maybe it’s a rooset! That’s it, a laundry rooset, sounds French and exotic!  And NOW I can be part of the action in a laundry room that is FRESH, CLEAN and cheerful as anything. Coral, my favorite color… delicious Dishy Coral from Sherwin Williams. Seriously, this is about my favorite color ever, you just can’t feel bad around it! It has made cameo appearances on the back of the white built in’s and the tiny powder room and now, it blessed the laundry rooset!

First everything was hauled out. I found a teensy little card from a phone (not mine) on the rear top shelf—- just goes to show you that it’s never fun to even think about living with other peoples dirt!!!! At least paint that crap over!!!  I cleaned it out, threw some stuff away, organized others. Then the shelves got a coat of white latex enamel. Already looking better.

I have a pretty hard and fast rule that if it’s hooked up and working, don’t unhook it because you are flat courting deeeeeezaster! So wiggling in to this very tight space that is already off a hallway proved interesting. And entertaining. The walls were wiped down, the floor mopped (yuk) and the coral paint cut in.

Then the coral rolled on using a mini roller, two coats please.

The shelves got loverly paper, actually wipe clean grasscloth look on the top shelf and lime green rubberized on the bottom shelf. Then everything got replaced, rehung, re re’d.


I’ve done laundry in there since and I can tell you, the angels sing!

Everything looks better in there! I know I look better doing laundry!  :)

Big difference, huh???

Knitting Content: Two afghans squares down, still six left to complete the second quarter/first half.

I got up early this morning and knit on the afghan, ate some stone ground grits and read the latest Where Women Create: Business. Just the thing to kick start the day. While I did a load of laundry of course!

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  1. Posted February 2, 2014 at 11:17 PM by Deborah | Permalink

    What a difference! The coral is really pretty and makes it so cheerful. Thank you for sharing it at to What We Accomplished Wednesdays. Have a great week! ~Deborah

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