Update The Office: From Blah to WOW!

It began as an office in terra cotta tones. Very sedate. Very boring. We were totally over it and actually wondered why in the world we chose this color to begin with!! As it is, you have to ignore the popcorn ceiling and less than awesome carpeting.

The decision to repaint was far easier than choosing the color! In the rest of the house are bright coastal tones of blue, yellow and green with a pop of coral here and there. With a nod to the new Pantone color for 2014, radiant orchid, that was the jumping off point. Enter the first sample quart of a color I don’t even remember the name of, just that it was a softer orchid tone. Barf.

The original terra cotta color is on the far right wall.

The orchid color is the predominant color on the front wall

followed by samples

One {blue} &

 Two {green}

Man, that orchid is VILE!

Add to that, the dark wood, the ugly desk….. it all had to go!

The color chosen was Cooler Blue from Sherwin Williams, I’m a flat paint kinda’ gal. I tried (really I did) to like the office in a satin finish but in the end I just couldn’t do it!

The armoire itself is a great piece, just too dark. When I move I swear I’m leaving this with the house, it is one heavy beast!

Granted, it looks better against the blue walls but I still want it crisp white!

If I move to a casita in Santa Fe I will regret this choice.

The wall paint chosen and picked up, two gallons please! A quart of white paint for the furniture. I’ve tried (and like for the most part) the chalk paints but these were in an office that would get some use so I opted to go with Sherwin Williams Pure White in latex enamel. Perfect choice as it went on beautifully, covered in two coats with minimal brush strokes and the resulting sheen was not too glossy at all. I was going to distress a bit but decided to leave it as is and am really pleased with it.

The photo below is greener than Cooler Blue but as in all rooms, paint color does morph a bit with lighting and time of day!

After a light all over sanding and pat down with tack cloth, the first coat on the armoire -above, shows you that when painting furniture in any paint at all, the first coat makes you wonder why you thought this was such a great idea in the first place!! The smaller piece on the left was a Big Lots purchase, some assembly required. Okay, irritating assembly required! The door brackets were set by the factory completely wrong and had to be re-screwed in.. After a bit of irritation, the cabinet is complete and for the most part good to go. I did have to go the liquid nails route— it is what it is… and you can’t beat the price of under $150.

Fabric choice was next, small valances and a couple of coordinating prints just because:

As always I had a narrow slice to time to work and wanted it done NOW….. so local fabric sourcing it was. Around here that means JoAnn’s where I had a fabulous coupon and found 3 prints that were perfect. The darker pattern in the collection above didn’t make the final cut.

Valances were lined with plain white muslin as the light that comes through the office windows demands it for the best finished look not to mention the fact that they hang better in the end.

I cut the fabric twice as wide as the window and with the lining and the fabric right sides together stitched along the sides and bottom, leaving the top open. After trimming the seams, turning them inside out, pressing well with lots of steam they were ready for a header. Using a seam gauge I turned under the raw edge a half inch and then pressed in a header that would allow for a nice little bit of ruffle at the top. The header was then machine stitched using matching thread, a 1 1/2 inch channel was stitched in for the spring rod pocket. Final press and ready to hang!

Time for a second coat on the armoire and building a new desk!

When the instructions are stapled in the upper right corner & not the greatest, you know you’re in for it.

The second coat was the final coat, {yay!} and the desk thankfully went together a LOT easier than the cabinet. The desk was much smaller than it’s predecessor. The office desk doesn’t see as much duty when the laptop travels and the tablet is such a workhorse so a writing desk became a great option for this space. I wouldn’t have minded another ten inches or so of real estate on the desktop but a lot of that is probably being used to having a big l shaped piece that even housed the printer. Now the printer can go back into the armoire and everybody is happy. The plus side {I think} is that having a small desk forces neatness. Ask me how it’s going in a few months. I’m still on the hunt for baskets that fit on the somewhat small shelves below the desk.

Before the accessories were finalized, before the leopard dog bed was slipcovered with fabric, this is how it came together.

The space itself is large, the ‘back half’ of the office has a huge walk in closet for great storage as well as an area that is coming together for seating. When I made the Target run to see what I could discover I found some great things!!! That in itself was a huge surprise as I NEVER seem to find good deals! On an endcap selling out some kids furniture I found a fantastic blue seat/table/stool with white buttons and trim for $15, love it! Crusing down a side aisle I spied these folding metal chairs— which might not have been my first choice for seating— but the color is perfect and the retro charm of the cut outs had me at hello!

Then, a $19.99 floor lamp put the final touch on retro, coastal, charming office—- love the blue toned shades! On my do me list is to make cord covers, I’d rather see cute fabric than ugly brown cords that can’t be hidden!

You know if it’s in my house there will be accents of red and a tiny bit of black to ground the space:

I love love love it!

Now back to work— and maybe just maybe a little bit of knitting!

I deserve it!


Savvy Southern Style

Green Willow Pond

City Farmhouse

Jennifer Rizzo

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  1. Posted January 23, 2014 at 7:37 PM by MsMoozys Open House | Permalink

    What a fun great space, peeked in from the party at Jennifer Rizzo. Have a great day.

  2. Posted January 27, 2014 at 10:30 PM by Deborah | Permalink

    The office turned out fabulous! Love the color and the white painted furniture. Thanks for sharing this at What We Accomplished Wednesdays! Have a super week!


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