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Foundation Friday: Yarn Conversion

Using yarn in a project that isn’t exactly the yarn that was called for in the pattern? You just KNOW that you can’t substitute lace weight (very fine) yarn for a thick, chunky yarn in a heavy sweater. Without using 25 strands of it—- which would just be crazy. But frequently the creative knitter wants […]

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Roadtrip: Savannah’s Bonaventure Cemetery

The time is flying and hard as I try it’s impossible to put the brakes on summer 2014! And I’d really like to! With a big wedding show coming up this weekend and several elopements on the books it’s been a whirlwind. Not always a bad thing, no work at all would surely be far […]

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Foundation Friday: Tools that Save

Tools that save? Pretty fast and loose talk, eh? But there are several that save us time energy (cussing and carrying on). My current favorites are: The quilt marking gun. Line up your quilt top, batting and backing and shoot the boogers out of it. It makes delicious tight layers for machine quilting and even […]

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Travelogue: Cumberland Island: Plum Orchard: First African Baptist Church: Dungeness

It’s a long post, heavy with photos but if you stick around I think you’ll really enjoy the trip! We recently traveled to Cumberland Island for a bit of R&R, a bit of work and to visit the First African Baptist Church on the north end. The island itself is absolutely amazing. Owned by the […]

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Several groups of company have kicked my ass. Thoroughly. When the last car rolled away late Saturday afternoon I was completely exhausted. To. My. Toes. But I’m also a little bit crazy about getting it all back together so it was a whirlwind of clean sheets and laundry done, factor in the island living thing […]

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July Flies

I love July—- everything about it! And of course I hate the way July FLIES….. just zoom and it’s gone. I don’t even mind the heat, it isn’t like I didn’t know it was going to be hot in the first place! July kicked off with a dash up to Savannah for work and took […]

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Happy 4th!

I’m in the middle of company 1 and company 2…. the changing of the guard happens this weekend. It’s fun to have company and we have a lot of it, when you live near the beach it’s expected. For this one I’m a little tired and a little cranky. Sigh. Regardless, hope your 4th of […]

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Shifting to a Close

Two. Squares. Remain. ¬†Count ‘em, One. Two. The mitered square portion is almost over. I know you’re as tired of hearing about it as I am of the lamentations! Then it’s likely time for the moaning about the endless borders.¬† Happy Monday!

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Foundation Friday: Estimating Yards in Fabric & Yarn

If you were to ask a quilter, a knitter or a sewist of almost any kind the number one irritating practical problem they face it would be estimating yardage for a project. Unless you are using a pattern and relying on the exact number of yards called for, you’re in the guessing realm. Even for […]

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Tutorial: Large Flat Bottom Project Bag

I love project bags and have quite a few of them. Last weeks trip meant I needed a new one to fit into a large tote….. you know, one of those larger than a purse and smaller than a full on suitcase deals! Consolidating the current knitting project into a project bag that would bit […]

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