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Afghan #2: And we’re off!!!

I’m still basking in the glow of the completed Mitered Square Afghan. Really. And have begun knitting Afghan #2, the designer is Edie Eckman and it’s a featured knit along on Creativebug. You know how I love me some Creativebug! Simple bias garter squares alternate with cable squares making this an easy knit. The neutral […]

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Giddy with excitement, GIDDY to the bone!  The Hue Shift Afghan is DONE! The last row was bliss, the binding off was outstanding and after the last stitch was off the needles? I danced. I’m not sure if it was the jerk, the hully gully or just a dance of mad passion but you can […]

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One Almost DONE: TWO in the Wings!

This is BIG y’all!  B.I.G. As in notorious!!! The Mitered Square Afghan? I’m smelling soak and seeing blocking! Half of the last border remains and it will be finished, finito, fini, & pau hana honey! Can you tell I’m positively GIDDY over it? Beyond.   I love the way the black border sets everything off […]

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Foundation Friday: Yarn Conversion

Using yarn in a project that isn’t exactly the yarn that was called for in the pattern? You just KNOW that you can’t substitute lace weight (very fine) yarn for a thick, chunky yarn in a heavy sweater. Without using 25 strands of it—- which would just be crazy. But frequently the creative knitter wants […]

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Roadtrip: Savannah’s Bonaventure Cemetery

The time is flying and hard as I try it’s impossible to put the brakes on summer 2014! And I’d really like to! With a big wedding show coming up this weekend and several elopements on the books it’s been a whirlwind. Not always a bad thing, no work at all would surely be far […]

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Foundation Friday: Tools that Save

Tools that save? Pretty fast and loose talk, eh? But there are several that save us time energy (cussing and carrying on). My current favorites are: The quilt marking gun. Line up your quilt top, batting and backing and shoot the boogers out of it. It makes delicious tight layers for machine quilting and even […]

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Travelogue: Cumberland Island: Plum Orchard: First African Baptist Church: Dungeness

It’s a long post, heavy with photos but if you stick around I think you’ll really enjoy the trip! We recently traveled to Cumberland Island for a bit of R&R, a bit of work and to visit the First African Baptist Church on the north end. The island itself is absolutely amazing. Owned by the […]

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Several groups of company have kicked my ass. Thoroughly. When the last car rolled away late Saturday afternoon I was completely exhausted. To. My. Toes. But I’m also a little bit crazy about getting it all back together so it was a whirlwind of clean sheets and laundry done, factor in the island living thing […]

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July Flies

I love July—- everything about it! And of course I hate the way July FLIES….. just zoom and it’s gone. I don’t even mind the heat, it isn’t like I didn’t know it was going to be hot in the first place! July kicked off with a dash up to Savannah for work and took […]

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Happy 4th!

I’m in the middle of company 1 and company 2…. the changing of the guard happens this weekend. It’s fun to have company and we have a lot of it, when you live near the beach it’s expected. For this one I’m a little tired and a little cranky. Sigh. Regardless, hope your 4th of […]

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