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Polka Dot Burlap & Hand Dyed!

Guess what I’m working on????  The elements are a great pattern, Teal Polka Dot burlap and some fabulous fabric hand dyed from my own hands and aged to proper vintage stature! The hand dyed first— so gorgeous! The rest of the elements look like this: There’s covered piping, a whole lotta Timtex and some heavy […]

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Another Devon: Trend Black & White Continues

With a new pair of white capris it was time to make a great black and white top. The black and white trend continues for spring and it’s always a classic. LOVE! I added 2 inches to the length for a long lean look and instead of the ‘traditional’ drawstring neckline this version of the […]

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Foundation Friday: Birthday Dance

Foundation Friday today has been preempted for a Birthday Dance. Mine! It’s official, I’ve become a woman of a certain age. In complete candor I’m not sure how it happened, or when it happened. The clue should have been the past couple of years when getting a haircut was a problem of epidemic proportions– no […]

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Sewing: Vintage Baby Jacket & Vintage Baby Patterns

Sweet- Sweet- Sweet!  The cutest little baby jacket ever! Sewn with cream colored Doctor’s Flannel, a light weight wool blanketing that has the hand of traditional flannel but looks ‘firmer and flatter’. Because it’s wool and normally 62″ wide it is a bit more difficult to source and definitely more expensive than ‘regular’ flannel. The […]

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Don’t Miss–

With a hot project and a deadline I’ll just pop in and say —- PLEASE tell me that you aren’t missing the new workshop over at Creativebug!!!  Cal Patch is presenting a very VERY good pattern drafting class.….. $9.95 a month for this and all of the other drool worthy endeavors. Check it out, you’ll […]

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Foundation Friday: Thread Thread & More Thread

It doesn’t get more foundational than THREAD, does it? Yet, the hard truth is that “YES”, thread does make a difference in a big way.  I’m the daughter of a frugal woman, cheap if the truth be told. I grew up choosing the least expensive brands as a matter of course and this followed me […]

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It May be 3/4 Done BUT…

With three quarters of the Hue Shift Afghan DONE (woot!) I’m thrilled. I don’t kid myself, there are still 25 squares to knit in the final block. Then there is the border but really, why torture myself? Regardless, she is a beautiful thing! Sliding her into position with the other segments of the afghan it’s […]

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Tired. Home. Behind.

Well if that doesn’t just sum it up. Tired. Home. Behind. and in all honesty adding TIRED again wouldn’t be a lie! Asheville and the superfast run through was lovely and has inspired me to go back again this fall and enjoy it… I always have to go visit the “Look Homeward Angel”, no matter […]

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On the Road

I’m on the road with the knitting bag packed heading for The Bourbon Trail and some time in Louisville. Always funny to me that the first thing I pack is a project bag and not clothes or anything along that line. I have my priorities! Be back soon!

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Afghan Update: Yes, Still Knitting!

I got the sweetest email last week asking if I’d given up on the afghan. Nope. Still knitting madly away. There are four more squares to go in the last row of the third quarter. Then one last quarter in the home stretch! (Well there is the border but I really can’t think about that […]

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