Little Footstool Re-Cover

The footstool is still in great shape “on the inside”…. and started as a red floral matching a chair. Then I recovered it with dropcloth—- which I still love. The slipcover needed a slipcover and a cool summer blue was just the thing.

I used outdoor fabric with a small diamond quilt texture and laid it over the stool wrong side down. Pinching a dart on all four sides brought  it in with a bit of shape—– but not TIGHT. I cut it short enough for the pleated under-skirt to peep out like a petticoat. (Hasn’t it been a long time since you’ve heard that word????)

Finding 8 great aqua and white buttons (with a 40% off coupon) echoing the chevron on the rug was great! Each “pleat” got a button on each side giving this little recover recover a fantastic summer pop for little time and little money.

Love that!

My sweet boy dog doesn’t seem very interested….. does he? Poor Price has had one thing after another, recently his left hind leg has been giving him fits and at times he can’t put it down. A trip to the vet shows no real damage except to my bank account. Good thing he’s the most wonderful dog ever and so cute, good indeed!

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Slipcovers, Knitting & Road Trip Ahead

Road Trip ahead indeed. Friday morning we’ll head out to Panama City for a destination wedding, the dogs and I get to be wranglers so how could I say no to the trip? It’s an easy drive heading in a direction not often traveled in recent years so that’s also a plus. I know the road up to Hilton Head and the road down to Jacksonville like the back of my boring hand.

On the Knit Front, I was SOOOOO excited this weekend to think ONE LAST ROW of the Mitered Square Afghan….. and of course I was way too hasty. She is looking good though and amazing to me how truly spectacular the afghan is when set together!

TWO last rows. AND, as suspected there is no way that the navy blue yarn is going to make it for one remaining square using that color. Dammit. Which makes me wonder about road trip knitting since the four squares/sections of the afghan will not be set together for the binding to commence. Now, I could join sections 1 and 2 (the top 2 completed sections) and work the black border/sashing along the top of these. Then when section 4 is completed (with new blue yarn) squared 3 and 4 can marry, the border can go onto the bottom there….. THEN the center can be seamed and the two longest borders can be added to the sides. My head hurts and I can’t make myself think of the day it is DONE DONE DOOOOOOONE.

At this point *and we all know things change* ahem, I’ll take that as well as cast on for Pumpkin Ale. Which is blue and the moniker Pumpkin Ale doesn’t seem right, I’m going to have to work on that. Moldy Pumpkin Ale…. no— that is wrong on so many levels.

Above from Bespoke Knits in gorgeous blue, similar to my colorway.

Her blog has some spectacular knitting— check her out!

With the back cabled panel of the sweater to knit,  the border/sash along squares 1 & 2 (above) I’ll have PLENTY of knitting to do. Along with my watercolor journal I’ll be good to go.

Haircut? Tuesday.

Pedi? Thursday.

Packing? In between. I mean, I’ll be gone 3 days, I make it sound like a transatlantic journey to Nepal.

As usual, I’ll have more to DO than wear and when you factor in the bag for the dogs…….. there will barely be room enough to squeeze in my flat iron! There will be no discussion that I always take more to do than there is time for as well….. some things never change.

Slipcovers you ask? Yes. I need (in a big way) to slipcover the ugly nasty horrendous red chair. With a fab new recliner in the house the urgency dimmed a bit. BUT–I’m going to cover it with dropcloth fabric as I’ve discussed before, see it on the chair back below? It’s sitting out of the way in the studio and I’m hoping out of sight won’t make it out of mind. I’d love to have it done before company arrives over the 4th and frankly—– that is not at all likely to happen. The word “likely” shouldn’t even be used. The phrase “ain’t gonna” should be inserted in it’s stead. Plus…. there is a little bolt in the bottom of the chair frame that keeps dropping out. I think the frame needs to be shored up with a little wood, some liquid nails and a blop of locktite. See? This makes it a project of gargantuan proportions.

The pillow? Waiting on another bag of polyfil—– it was just a little somethin’ after the backpack idea was junked. I do love the fabric in a room that’s yellow, coral and blue.

Happy Monday- have a great week!


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Happy Foundation Friday: Blog Roll Anyone?

Happy Foundation Friday!

Every once in awhile isn’t it fun to see what great links other creatives enjoy on a regular basis?

Mine rotate, change around as I discover new ones or my interests rotate I should say. In no particular order…. links are ‘built in’.  Enjoy!

What is on YOUR current blog roll?

jones design company

The Bitchy Stitcher

Lake Girl Paints

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No Knitting Content

So why is it that I’m not knitting? I’m SO CLOSE to the end of the endless boring can’t stand to look at it mitered square afghan. So close. I’ve searched my heart with assigned guilt and a bit of self loathing over the whole thing. I AM reading a lot. A whole lot. Which is great. And I’m definitely enjoying summer with much joy. But knitting? Not so much. I think I’m not knitting b/c I’ve promised myself to be monogamous to the afghan until it’s finished and maybe (just maybe) this is stifling me. Maybe a little walk on the wild side, cheating on my afghan with another project will break the log jams and restore my knitting mojo?

Remember this?

Pumpkin Ale……  I really am anxious to knit it and would love it to be a Christmas gift in the delicious denimy blue yarn waiting for me.

But the afghan needs to be finished first.

Or I could cheat on the afghan with a small little project….

Maybe little booties? These little sweeties from the new Creativebug class with Maggie Pace—- sigh.

Or…..Sakonette? A little froufrou?

Until I decide what to do I’m without sticks at all and up to book 3 in the Jack Reacher series. (Why did I wait so long!!)

Road trip next week for work to Panama City, should be fun. I’ll be packing some car knitting. Will it be Pumpkin Ale? Or will I make unofficial goal and have the mitered square afghan top finished and ready for the black ‘sashing’?

In the meantime……. there was homemade blueberry jam, so good! Served with fresh English Muffin Bread and although the recipe doesn’t make a lot there’s plenty to have with some fresh biscuits this weekend. Yum! Check the recipe HERE!

Photo: Homemade blueberry jam. Oh. My.


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Sew Patriotic: Burlap Flag Banner

Late for Memorial Day & early for the 4th of July— nevertheless the front porch is Southern Summer Seriously Stylin!

  • 3 yards of Burlap in an allover red white and blue flag print
  • Heavy dark twine

To determine size I folded the burlap in half and marked the center line all the way down the fabric. When this line was made, using a long ruler and a Sharpie I drew the flag shapes, each one nestled into each other to maximize the burlap. I cut out with scissors— the rotary cutter gets dull so fast when cutting out burlap.

I wanted to see the ‘right’ side of the flag while sitting on the porch as well as from the street so I laid two flags together with wrong sides facing and rolled down the top a half inch and stitched with a wide zig zag. Make sure to leave enough channel to thread through the twine.

Once I had the magic number stitched (6 for each section of the porch for me) I used a long bodkin hook to quickly and easily thread through the twine cut to length. Easy Peasy!

Then it was time to hang them up making sure that the ‘swag’ of each section matched up.

They’re smashing yes?

It must be time for a cold one……. and I don’t mean the weather (which has been nothing short of sultry).

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Foundation Friday: Sharing The Goods

One of the best things about creating things is SHARING things! It is truly one of the Foundations of Creating—- make it share it & enjoy the applause! Not only are accolades nice but truly, in the community of creatives, inspiration fuels others and round and round it goes.

I’m new to the Instagram party and have to say I’m kicking myself for taking so long to arrive! I love the platform and love the ease with which you can share. Additionally, those morning shots from creatives? Fabulous!

I’ve been pinning for quite awhile but haven’t been crazy about it lately. It seems it’s all about the food bloggers. Now, I LOVE LOVE LOVE me a food blogger, don’t get me wrong– and I follow a lot of them! But the home feed needs some tweaking in order to see others. I guess it just feels more commercial to me recently. Having said that food bloggers make my world go ’round to be sure! Because of them I have no doubt I’m a better cook, a more adventurous cook, and a better baker. I also blame them for making me eat more! ;)

I only have my personal page on Facebook. I don’t talk about much— and have to say it makes me crazy to see political crap that makes my teeth itch. What can you say, you learn a lot about your friends!!!

I do Tweet but am not as vigilant as I should be. Again, it seems like it’s gotten really commercial and I don’t give a rip about celebrities and how the give good Tweet! (Well, a few—- but that’s just me!) If you can’t enjoy the occasional Tweet from Pee Wee Herman what’s life for anyway????

I’m always interested to see what social media platforms creatives use. Very few use them all. Not that you can’t have different media post to Facebook but I’m not sure if that wide scatter shot does it for me. I usually post a photo to Instagram, something simpler to Facebook. If I Tweet creatively and not personally I’ll go short and sweet with a URL for the blog.

The blog—– that’s where it’s at for me. I try to keep to my 3x weekly M-W-F blog posting and give photos as appropriate. My Facebook does not link to my blog in any way—– there are just folks who should keep distant if you know what I mean.

What do YOU use to share your creativity?

Do you follow fellow creatives in more than one place?


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Chalk Paint: Little Table: First Foray

Chalk paint has been the ‘thang’ for quite a while now…. and I just worked with it the first time. First time using a new products with a new technique on a really crappy product. Harder much? That’s how I roll.

I’d been stalking for a couple simple little end tables that were cheapies, could be painted, and cost next to nothing. I knew I wanted to put my own touch on them so why pay big bucks? Or even medium bucks as it turned out. I found a couple on Wayfair closeout and paid under $40 for the pair. Quality? Uh, no. But that’s okay. I don’t have littles in the house and these just needed to be beachily cute.

Enter a sample pot of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in “provence” (under 12 bucks) and my sander. You see, these little tables were so cheaperoo I knew that even though one of the joys of chalk paint is that it sticks to anything—- it wasn’t going to do it on those! So I sanded past the ‘roughed up’ stage.

First coat? HORRENDOUS!  I mean it was beyond a nightmare! The paint dries superfast so the second coat went on quickly. Second coat? Much better.

Blurry, sorry!  But you can see how the paint doesn’t want to stick.

The top after one coat— not as ‘pockmarked’ but still a long way to go!

The top of the table got 3 coats…. the legs 2. After letting it settle for 24 hours I gave it a coat of clear wax.

Then a few twists of a small gauge natural twine on the legs….. just because!

I’m especially fond of the Christmas paper used as a drip catcher!

Looks like a beach house indeed!

I don’t feel as if I can really weigh in on like vs. dislike after this one. I’ll do another piece that is nice quality with more to it than this little end table brings to the party.

But, ain’t she cute?






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7th Blogoversary! Knitting Contessa

Blogging since 2007! Hard to believe—– that seemed to be the seminal year for many bloggers who are hard at it today, 2007 gave birth to a lot of those that line our blog rolls since.

Blog on sisters!

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Project: End Tables

Long stories & lottsa’ lessons…… details to come. For the moment I leave you with this teaser:

So far?


Being stubborn vigilant… I press on



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Foundation Friday: BUTTONHOLES!

I make crummy buttonholes!

It’s been a lament for a long time and recently I tackled them, they had to get better and I can’t keep blaming my Bernina.

Who knew? It was ME and not my machine!


First thing, I YouTubed the subject and watched several videos. I had several to choose from and I watched a few to glean the best advice. No doubt you will find many as well!

The video above was ‘mine’.

Guess what? I had always ignored that foot. Don’t ask me why. Actually USING it took my buttonholes from ick to slick in a nanosecond! (almost)

Other great buttonhole foundations:

  • Always practice first
  • Make sure the button fits the hole you’ve sampled (don’t ask how I know this)
  • INTERFACE properly, without interfacing you’re destined to fail
  • Use great thread, experiment with ‘regular’ thread and buttonhole twist if your machine will handle it
  • Make sure you have measured accurately so that all the buttons are spaced correctly
  • DOUBLE CHECK your buttonholes are on the correct side!
  • When you make your practice button to check for size, etc…. make sure you also practice CUTTING that buttonhole. If you do not have a block and chisel for the task, use a seam ripper and very carefully and slowly start at one end and gently rock the blade to the center. Repeat with the other side. In this way you are less likely to cut through the buttonhole. Some people run a very thin bead of seam sealant along the sides of the buttonhole but I find in most cases if you’ve cut carefully and trimmed any wild threads you’ll be fine. It all depends on your fabric and another reason to sample first.

  • If you sew on buttons with your machine (I do 99% of the time), cut long threads and with a needle bring those to the back of the button and double knot before cutting the threads. Use a drop of seam sealant for a long lasting button.

Little Extra: I always buy at least one extra button of each size used in a garment. When I sew on buttons I stitch one extra (and save another in the button box if I have more) into the hem facing. You almost always need one and it’s great to know where a match is quickly.

EXPERIMENT: Most sewing machines have many types/styles of buttonholes built in. On a 10×10 piece of midweight dark fabric, interfaced and backed (so you have 3 layers) and using white thread, put on your buttonhole foot and try every style available on your machine. Keep the sample for ready reference— PLUS— you’ll have a lot of built in experience!


What are YOUR favorite tips and tricks for beautiful buttonholes?

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